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Wolf in Motion is a Design Agency & Consultancy

We help companies, brands and institutions innovate, we design experiences, products and services and we tell stories using cutting edge technologies

How we work

Combining design thinking with agile prototyping and advanced film & 3D production techniques, we believe in cross-pollination as a driver of innovation


We like to push the boundaries of the technology and come up with exciting new ideas and concepts

User Journey

Our user-centred design approach involves thoroughly mapping each step of the user journey to ensure they all fit into the larger picture

Research & Prototyping

We have a flair for rapidly putting together prototypes that allow for early testing of the different aspects of the user experience

Art Direction

Whether expanding on existing art or creating everything from scratch, we have a sharp eye for what works in VR and AR

3D Modelling & Animation

We do all our modelling and animation in house, allowing fine control of the final look & feel

UX/UI Design & Coding

We are experts in building robust experiences with intuitive and elegant interfaces that leverage the immersive power of AR/VR

Contact Us

If you have any question or would like us to create something for you, please write to us or call us
+44 (0) 7500 079211

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